What do you Need for your Consultation?

What to bring with you at the start of the Homeopathic and Nutritional treatment.

We are committed to make your treatment as efficient, result-oriented and prompt while ensuring comprehensive healthcare. If you are a new client for consultation, please ensure the following papers have been scanned and sent to Maya Reception two working days prior to the appointment date:

  1. Case History form : Request Reception to send you a new client case history form. Please answer the health and nutrition questionnaire in detail. Accurate information on diet, supplements, medication including homeopathic medication and biochemic remedies would be appreciated.
  2. Any confidential information can be directly emailed to Dr. Sonal 48 hours before the appointment time. Please do not expect that she would have read them if emailed the day of the appointment as there may be other commitments before your appointment time.
  3. For appointments for children with behavioural or learning issues, please send a detailed email about their situation to our contact form.
  4. Medical reports can be scanned and emailed along with Case History Form, 48 hours before the appointment time. Confidential reports can be emailed directly to Dr. Sonal as mentioned above. Mention the client’s complete name (including Chinese name where applicable) and appointment date in the title of all email communication and during phone calls.
  5. A list of all medication and nutrition supplements taken. including the name of the prescribing therapist. Please take pictures of the front and back , nutritional information and ingredients of all supplements and processed food that is taken.

Appointments for Children

When scheduling for a child under 18, please note that minors must be accompanied by an adult who is a primary care-taker of the child and aware of the child’s daily life and habits. Please ensure the child is well rested and eaten a meal before the appointment.

In case of children (2 years onward) or teenagers, please ensure that the parents/ parent / guardian can have a private conversation with Dr. Sonal for the first or second half of the consultation. For young children we sincerely request that you bring with you a responsible adult or one of the parent’s /guardian to be with the child in the play area of the waiting room. Negative and challenging issues should not and will not be discussed in front of the child. If a child is unaware of the primary reason for seeking homeopathic treatment eg. behavioural, developmental issues, please let Dr. Sonal know in advance. Please do not give children iPhones, iPads or other such electronic devices to play with inside the consulting room. Such devices interfere with the homeopathic case taking and observation. Books and toys are available in the consulting and waiting room.

Dr. Sonal encourages an open dialogue and prefers that you are aware and understand how Homeopathic Therapy can help you. However, as the consultation time would be reserved for Homeopathic case taking and observation she may not have time to answer all your questions.

Please log on to her website www.sonalh.com  for information on homeopathy, case studies, Dr. Sonal’s work and experience before the appointment. If the website cannot help answer your query please ask Dr. Sonal.

For International Clients: Please count in jetlag when you plan your appointment.


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