Information On Adverse Weather

For Our International Natural Medicine Clients

Hong Kong is prone to thunderstorms from April to September and a few typhoons/tropical cyclones between June and September each year. Days in between can be bright sunny hot days. Please plan your trip accordingly and  check with the Hong Kong Observatory on the weather conditions in Hong Kong before you start your travel.

The Hong Kong Observatory issues weather warning when needed to alert the public to upcoming adverse weather. When issued, the weather warning signals are broadcast over radio, television, HK observatory app and displayed in residential, hotel and commercial lobbies.

During Weather warning signal T8 and/or Black Rainstorm warning (explained below) all schools, offices, private medical clinics must shut, cannot take clients and must send employees home as soon as the signal is hoisted. Nurseries and Kindergartens shut at signal T3. On an average, these situations last for half  or 2 half/1 full days if there is a Typhoon passing close to or over Hong Kong and typically happen once or twice a season. (April-September)

Please ensure you have planned extra time in Hong Kong especially when travelling during these months.

Opening hours and Policy of Maya Health Institute during Bad weather conditions in Hong Kong

We operate as normal during Amber, Red rainstorm warning, T1 and T3 warnings. We are closed during Black Rainstorm, T8 warnings or higher.

During adverse weather conditions, we do monitor our voice mail and email accounts for any urgent inquires and reply as soon as possible. So if in doubt, please call us on +852 35683135 and remember to leave us your contact details: email and telephone number.

We do encourage our International clients to plan a week’s stay in Hong Kong so that unforeseen bad weather should not adversely affect their Consultations at Maya Health Institute. ​The Maya Team understands the situation of our International clients and will help efficiently with rescheduling appointments to avoid inconvenience.

A Simple Guide To Adverse Weather Warnings By Hong Kong Observatory For Our International Natural Medicine Clients.

Tropical cyclone warnings:

T1 ( Standby signal 1) A tropical cyclone is centred within about 800 kilometres (km) of Hong Kong and may affect the territory.

T3 (Strong wind)  upto 41-62 kilometres per hour (km/h),  with gusts of 110km/h  expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong near sea level.

T8 (Gale or storm force wind) with speed wind speed of 63-117 km/h gusts which may exceed 180 km/h expected or blowing generally in Hong Kong near sea level.

T9 (Gale or storm force wind) is increasing or expected to increase significantly in strength.

T10 (Hurricane force wind) is expected or blowing with sustained speed reaching upwards from 118 km/h and gusts that may exceed 220 km/h.

Rainstorm Warnings:

There are three levels of warning: AMBERRED and BLACK.

The AMBER signal gives alert about potential heavy rain that may develop into RED or BLACK signal situations. The RED and BLACK signals warn the public of heavy rain and likelihood of serious road flooding and traffic congestion.

Weather warnings of heavy rain and are independent of tropical cyclone warning and landslip warning. They are issued separately when needed.


As a proactive measure to protect the health and safety of our registered Maya Health Institute Clients and extended Maya Health Family, we are not taking in any Walk-in customers till further notice.

All services including Consultation (in person or skype) and Pre-order dispensary sale will be by appointment only.

Opening hours may change without notice so please email us in advance to confirm availability.