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If you Seek Professional Counselling Hong Kong’s Maya Health Institute Can Help

From time to time the modern world, and how we live our lives in it, can give rise to feelings such as stress, anger, sadness, anxiety, confusion or even loneliness. These feelings could affect you at any time and sometimes they can become overwhelming. At such times, seeing a professional counsellor who can help you to explore, understand and move past these feelings can help to restore your health and wellbeing.

People are often reluctant to seek counselling because they misinterpret an inability to cope with overwhelming feelings on their own as a weakness or believe that counselling will mark them out as some kind of ‘failure’. This is not the case. Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore, in a comfortable and confidential environment, your feelings with a trained professional. You will be listened to and helped to understand why you are feeling the way you feel. Often, just the act of talking openly with an impartial counsellor and reflecting on aspects of your life that may be causing you concern can provide solutions.

Reasons for Counselling Hong Kong Clients Often Give

There are many different situations in life that counselling can help with. When they approach Maya Health Institute to seek professional counselling, Hong Kong residents may:

• Be feeling lost and unmotivated, without a sense of direction in life
• Be experiencing excessive worry, difficulty sleeping and managing stress levels
• Have a history of trauma or abuse (physical, emotional, and/or sexual)
• Want to improve your interpersonal relationships
• Be experiencing marital conflict or separation
• Seek pre-marital counselling
• Want to better understand and develop your mind, body and behavioral health
• Need help with life transitions and change – e.g. moving to a new country, changing careers, starting a family, divorce or a break-up

• Want guidance with personal growth and development, perhaps seeking a fresh perspective, or guidance on an upcoming change in life
• Seek successful parenting tools if children are acting out
• Have lost a loved one, either because of bereavement or due to a relationship breakdown
• Be feeling more irritable, angry or short-tempered than usual
• Want to learn how to manage better experiences with low moods or heightened stress levels
• Need support in navigating a relationship with a partner or loved one who has a mental illness
• Want to change self-defeating actions e.g. destructive relationships, risky behaviors

Get Expert Help and Support From Our Qualified Counsellor, Kira Galbraith

Our highly qualified and experienced counsellor Kira Galbraith provides an extensive range of counselling services. Originally from Canada, Kira has studied and practised counselling in the USA, Europe and Asia before basing herself in Hong Kong.

With specific expertise in behavioural and counselling therapies Kira is able to help with many different life issues, covering everything from anxiety and depression to self-development.

If you would like to find out how Kira can help out in your own life situation or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.

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