Hong Kong Holistic Health Centre

Natural Supplements, Herbal Remedies

Maya Health Institute is a holistic health centre in Hong Kong with a primary focus on homeopathic treatment, wholefood nutrition, wellness and healthy living.

The well-stocked Dispensary has a range of high-quality Homeopathic remedies and natural health food supplements sourced from reputable pharmacies in the U.K, Australia and U.S.A.

Homeopathic Medicines in Hong Kong at Maya Health Institute,Central

We stock a range of Homeopathic remedies and creams from Arnica to Zincum, with potencies ranging from 6x ( equivalent to D potency in Germany and France), 12c, 30c, 200c and M potencies.

As the results of homeopathic treatment are also dependant on the quality of the homeopathic remedies, we ensure that we keep the best quality tinctures and restock fresh batches regularly.

All homeopathic remedies including dilutions are dispensed in E.U. Grade amber glass bottles from the U.K and Germany. Homeopathic pills and dilutions are freshly dispensed for optimum therapeutic quality.

Natural Supplements at Maya Health Institute, Hong Kong

Health food supplements including Probiotics, Omega oils (fish based and vegetarian), whole-food based multivitamins are available. Each supplement is chosen for its excellent quality and therapeutic performance.

Our requirements include exclusion of unhealthy additives colourings  and hypoallergenic quality, gluten free, dairy free and  gelatin free.

Health Foods: high-protein, low-carbohydrate, gluten-free, dairy-free

Choice organic health foods required for specific dietary needs and supplements to assist in high-protein low-carbohydrate diets, based on whole foods are available.

Natural Skin Creams, lotions and Body-care products

At Maya Health Institute in Hong Kong we carry a range of ointments, creams and lotions to relieve skin irritation in persons with rashes and allergies.

Bath-care care products, shampoo and moisturisers available, aim at keeping the skin and hair hygienic and smooth, while avoiding over-drying or stickiness.