A child with low appetite, eating problems, vomiting and nutritional issues
My 3 year old son has been suffering with vomiting since he was born. Also, he has been struggling to chew and swallow any solid food. As a result he has not been growing well and was averse to mealtimes.
I brought him to a lot of specialists in Hong Kong and Korea for the past 3 years, but his vomiting did not stop, he was still eating congee textured food. It took 2 hours to feed, but only 2 seconds to vomit the entire food. He often got sick and had anemia. We both were so frustrated…
It was a very long and heart breaking journey until we met Dr. Sonal.
In our first visit, Dr. Sonal spent a long time, she carefully observed my son and talked with me to understand the current issue as well as the background even from the pregnancy. It gave me a high level of comfort and I faithfully followed her advice together with giving the homeopathic remedies.
In the 3rd week, a miracle happened! He started controlling vomiting, even he attempted to do, he was able to stop it himself. The symptom started disappearing gradually. He seemed to feel much more comfortable to eat day by day. One day when I returned home from work, I saw him holding a piece of broccoli and happily eating, chewing and swallowing – It was unbelievable for me!
Dr. Sonal has been giving us 360 degree advice in each stage as he improves. It wasn’t only about getting rid of his symptom instantly, it included when and what kind of food we can offer to him, how we can improve his appetite and how to change his attitude to food. Her advice was very practical, detailed and comprehensive and it really worked for my son.
Now my son’s painful vomiting has stopped and he is now eating normal solid food. We started working on improving his height and weight in healthy way. Our family will continue our journey with her to help our son. I really cannot thank Dr. Sonal enough. Many many thanks!
Katelyn C, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, September 2017


만 3살된 아들은 태어나면서 부터 지금까지 거의 매일 매일 먹던 음식을 다 토해냈습니다. 또한 만 세돌이 되었는데도 음식을 제대로 씹고 삼키지 못해 힘들어 했습니다. 그 결과 성장이 매우 느렸고, 식사 시간엔 고개를 돌리고 울기를 반복했습니다.
지난 3년간 홍콩과 한국에서 많은 전문가를 만나보았지만 아이의 토하는 증상은 계속되었고, 아이는 여전히 죽 같은 이유식을 먹고 있었습니다. 2시간이 걸려서 먹인 음식을 2초도 안되어서 모두 토하기 일쑤였고 영양이 부족한 아이는 자주 아팠고 빈혈증상까지 왔습니다.
아이와 저에게는 정말 길고도 가슴 아픈 시간이었고 그러던 중 Dr. Sonal을 만났습니다.
Dr. Sonal과 만난 첫 날, Dr. Sonal은 오랜 시간을 보내며 아이를 관찰했고 임신기간 부터 아이의 식사태도까지 자세하게 물어보고 들어주었습니다. 감동한 저는 Dr. Sonal과 같이 아이를 고칠 수 있다는 확신이 들었고, 주신 동종요법 약을 먹이고 조언해 주신 걸 충실히 따라갔습니다.
그런지 3주째 기적같은 일이 일어났습니다! 아이가 토를 하려고 하다가도 금방 컨트롤 하면서 안하는 능력이 생겼고 토하는 증상도 서서히 없어지기 시작했습니다! 먹는걸 점점 더 편하게 여기는게 보였습니다. 어느날은 퇴근하고 들어오는데 아이가 브로콜리 하나를 들고 즐겁게 먹고 씹고 삼키고 있는걸 보았는데… 정말 믿을 수가 없었고 얼마나 기뻤는지 모릅니다. 저한테는 정말 기적같은 일이었습니다.
Dr. Sonal은 구토 증상 외에도 360도 각도의 조언도 아끼지 않았습니다. 아이의 성격도 파악하고 어떤 음식을 언제 어떻게 먹이는게 좋은지 등 여러 각도로 해 주신 구체적이고 실질적인 조언은 아이를 바꾸는데 결정적인 역할을 하고 있습니다.
아이의 괴로운 구토증상은 없어졌고 정상적인 Solid 음식을 먹고 있습니다. 지금 Dr. Sonal과 저는 건강한 방법으로 아이의 몸무게와 키도 정상적인 수준으로 올리는 데 집중하기 시작했습니다. Dr. Sonal 정말 너무나 너무나 감사합니다!!!

홍콩 미드레벨에 조경란


Attention Issues, Ritalin Avoided
“Although we found it a difficult decision as parents not to follow up the recommendations of a child psychologist to put our son on Ritalin, we are now more than happy we embarked on homeopathy with the help and guidance of Dr. Sonal. Over the last year, the development and growth of our son has been spectacular! We feel that the treatment really supported our son to embark on this pathway of growth.”
Lieke M, Mother, Sai Kung, Hong Kong 2013


Skin Issues, Dry Skin, Rashes, Itching
“She also started looking quite fresh and healthy. She has grown well, has gained weight and height. My husband and I are now firm believers of Dr. Sonal’s way of treatment and are extremely thankful to her for getting our lives back on track.”
B. Sircar, Mother of child with eczema, Pokfulam, Hong Kong


Nose Allergies
“Thanks to her diagnosis and treatment, my son feels so much healthier, happier and has more energy now. His concentration has improved and as a result his grades have improved too.”
S. Tam, Mother of child with allergies, Hong Kong, Feb 2012


Senior citizen client
“Services are very thorough and detailed and I have been feeling much better after I started taking the homeopathic remedies. I am very grateful for being able to have an alternative option for treatment.”
M. Ekmekji, Age 70, Beirut, Lebanon. 2013


قبل أن أتشاور مع الدكتورة سـونال، كان ينتابني حث على التبول و الجفاف بصفة مستمرة وأحياناً النزيف . وكان يتكررهذا خلال بضعة شـهور، وعليه كنت اضطر أن أتناول المضدات الحيوية لمعالجة هذه الإلتهاب في المسالك البولية .
لقد بدأت أسـتـشيـر الدكتورة سـونال خلال شهر أبريل/نيسان الماضي، وقد وجدت عندها طريقة معاجة جديدة ومفيدة جدا بالنسبة لي وهي أسـلوب
Homeopathy “الطب البديل”. وقدمت لي خدمات شاملة ومفصلة جدا وانا الآن افضل بكثير بعد أن تناولت حبوب “هوميوباثي”
وقد انحسـر الحث على التبول المتكرر ، ولم اشـهد نزيف وها انا الأن أشعر براحة مستمرة , والمرة الاخيرة التي انتابني النزيف , حيث اضطررت إلى تناول المضادات الحيوية , حدث ذلك قبل 4 أشـهر عندما كنت مسافرة ولم يتوفر لي دواء ال “هوميوباثي” Homeopathy .والجق ان المعالجة التي قدمتها لي الدكتورة سـونال هي التي أنهت معاناتي. .
أنا مرتاحة جدا على اختيار “العلاج البديل” بدلا من الطب الغربي التقليدي الذي لم يكن قادرا على معالجتي مما كنت أشـكي منـه ولقد وفر لي “العلاج البديل” الراحة وعدم اللجوء إلى كثرة المضادات الحيوية. ماري
وجدت عند الدكتورة سـونال طريقة معاجة جديدة ومفيدة جدا بالنسبة لي وهي أسـلوب “الطب البديل”. وقدمت لي خدمات شاملة ومفصلة جدا وانا الآن افضل بكثير بعد أن تناولت حبوب “هوميوباثي” Homeopathy


“Interacting with Dr. Sonal on Skype is as good an experience as meeting her in person. Dr. Sonal is a very positive person and she understands her clients very well. She won’t give us false promises but knows exactly what works for the client.”
Shraddha Dalal, Altamount Road, Mumbai, India


Recurrent Urinary Irritation
My young mother has been suffering from frequent and recurrent Urine problems for the past 20 years, which greatly affected the quality of her life and her emotional state. This led to her constantly limiting herself in her food choices as certain foods aggravated the burning.
When not at work, she would frequently choose to stay at home due to the disease. She had no social life and was gradually losing sense of purpose in life. I have been trying to persuade her to ask Dr. Sonal for help for a long time, but my mother did not put too much hope in that because of the distances involved, even though Dr Sonal provides consultations via Skype. At this point I must say that my mother lives in Russia, and Dr Sonal is based in Hong Kong.
Predictably another relapse of pain while passing urine came along. This time she decided to turn to Dr. Sonal for help, although she had little hope this would work at a distance.
My mother speaks absolutely no English so I acted as an interpreter during the consultation. I could interpret for her from Moscow and later from back in Hong Kong. In the end it could not have been easier. The consultations were conducted via Skype and my mom bought the natural homeopathic medicine Dr Sonal prescribed from a homeopathic pharmacy in Moscow.
My mother saw improvements within a week. At this point I feel I have to reiterate that the disease has been stalking her for 20 years.
Dr Sonal is always available. Dr Sonal continued the consultations even during her holiday accommodating the patient’s needs. We are very grateful to her for that! We still cannot believe our luck. That is what my mother has been waiting for such a long time. I am very happy to see my mother merry and cheerful again. Homeopathy is a holistic science and helps the whole person. My mother’s sleep and energy levels are better too. Her enthusiasm for life and the beautiful sparkle in her eyes have returned. Besides her very demanding full time job, she has joined pilates and latin dance in her spare time.
Thank you Dr Sonal!
Elena.M. – Moscow, Russia


Моя мама, еще достаточно молодая, уже 20 лет страдает от частых циститов, что очень сильно сказывается на качестве ее жизни, а также на ее эмоциональном состоянии. Это привело к тому, что она постоянно ограничивает себя в выборе еды, проведение свободного времени чаще всего ограничивается нахождением дома в связи с определенными нуждами, она не имеет личной жизни, постепенно человек теряет смысл жизни. Долго уговаривала ее обратится за помощью к Dr Sonal, но из-за расстояния мама не представляла это возможным, хотя в клинке Dr Sonal существует такая услуга как консультации через Skype. Нужно сказать, что моя мама живет в России, а Dr Sonal в Гонконге.И вот очередной рецидив цистита не заставил себя долго ждать и она решила обратиться к Dr Sonal за помощью, хотя почти не верила, что на расстоянии это возможно. Также хочу добавить, что моя мама абсолютно не говорит по английски, поэтому доктор проводила консультации с мамой и мной в качестве переводчика сначала из Москвы, а когда пришло время мне вернуться в Гонконг, то по средствам группового Skype лечение продолжалось. Все оказалось как нельзя проще, консультации проводились через Skype, в медикаменты мама покупала к гомеопатической аптеке в Москве. Мама увидела результат буквально через неделю и это при условии того, что болезнь преследовала ее уже 20 лет. Dr Sonal всегда на связи, даже в свой отпуск проводила консультации, входя в положение пациента. Мы очень благодарны ей за это! До сих пор не можем поверить своему счастью. Это то чего мама ждала так долго. Я очень рада видеть свою маму снова веселой и жизнерадостной. Гомеопатия -комплексная наука и помогает человеку в целом. Мама стала спать, что прибавляет ей энергии. У нее снова появился энтузиазм к жизни, а главное огонек в глазах, как и прежде. Несмотря на ее занятость на работе, она даже находит время для посещения пилатес и латинские танцы. Спасибо Dr Sonal!
Elena .M. – Moscow, Russia


Recurrent Headaches in a Teenager
Our 15-year old son complained about severe headache with temporary inability of a clear eyesight shortly after he started boarding school in the UK last year. Being that far away and being very worried, we met in Germany to see an ophthalmologist and neurologist who both diagnosed him with headache and prescribed respective medications.
As we always want to find the source of a condition, we went so see Dr Sonal during his holiday here in Hong Kong. Dr Sonal recommended to conduct a MRI and see an ophthalmologist to rule our serious conditions like Glaucoma etc.
The MRI was normal, only his adenoids are thickened which indicate an allergy. Based on this result and the fact that our son has a dust mite allergy and milk intolerance, Dr Sonal prescribed respective homeopathic medication and asked him to use steam inhalation on a daily basis. For the past 6 weeks he has not had a headache and is feeling overall much better. Again, we are very impressed with Dr Sonal’s ability to ‘dig deeper’ and treat our child with homeopathy instead with strong medications.
C.M., Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Dec 2016


Kurz nachdem unser 15- jähriger Sohn letztes Jahr nach England auf eine Boarding School wechselte, klagte er über starke Kopfschmerzen mit teilweise starker Einschränkung der Seekraft.
Die weite Entfernung und die grosse Sorge veranlassten uns, dass wir in Deutschland sowohl einen Augenarzt als auch einen Neurologen aufsuchten, die beide Migräne diagnostizierten und entsprechende Medizin verschrieben.
Da unser primäres Ziel immer ist, die Ursache und nicht die Symptome zu behandeln, suchten wir daraufhin während seiner Ferien Dr Sonal auf. Dr Sonal hat uns nahegelegt, ein MRI durchführen zu lassen und einen Augenarzt aufzusuchen, um etwaige, weitere Krankheitsbilder wie z.B. Glaucom (grüner Star) auszuschliessen.
Die Ergebnisse waren alle normal, ausser dass die Polypen verdickt sind, ein Zeichen von einer Allergie. Basierend auf diesem Befund und der Tatsache, dass unser Sohn eine Milbenallergie und Milchunverträglichkeit hat, hat Dr Sonal angemessene homeopatische Medizin sowie das tägliche Inhalieren von Dampf verschrieben. In den letzten 6 Wochen hat unser Sohn kein einziges Mal an Kopfschmerzen geklagt und fühlt sich viel besser. Erneut hat uns Dr Sonal mit ihrem Fachwissen und ihren unermüdlichen Nachforschungen begeistert und unser Kind mit Homöopathie anstelle mit starker Medizin behandelt.
C.M., Sai Kung


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